Jack and the Beanstalk- Lyric Hammersmith

Forget dames and principal boys — pantomimes, like James Bond films, are only as good as their villains. And this fifth panto from the Lyric Hammersmith has a real cracker of a baddie. Nigel Richards as the post-Dickensian Mr Fleshcreep is so sinister that he’s got a comb-over and a ponytail. Shudder!

Songs From A Hotel Bedroom

The relationship between Dan (Nigel Richards, glorious) and Angélique (Frances Ruffelle) is also mirrored in Flatt's tango-based choreography for a second couple (Amir Giles and Tara Pilbrow).

Songs From A Hotel Bedroom- Royal Opera House

Nigel Richards' vibrant emotive baritone was on another level of accomplishment altogether. His performance of “Westwind” from One Touch of Venus combined great emotional resonance with a wonderful sense of period in the style.

The Phantom of the Opera- Her Majesty's Theatre London

I’ve been following Richards since his days as one of the Bridewell’s brightest performing sparks, in which he created leading roles in the British premieres of such shows as Floyd Collins, Hello Again and Songs for a New World, but though he’s done the regulation stints in such West End shows as Les Mis and the occasional miss like Napoleon or Martin Guerre, he’s never achieved the break-out leading man status that his talent so richly deserves...but the Phantom finally finds him in mainstream mould, and he brings great dignity and resonance to it to escape the role’s sometimes melodramatic confines

A Shining Truth

This is a CD that you want to immediately listen to again; it also might well make you curious to hear more songs from the musicals from which the selections derive.Guettel is represented by "An She'd Have Blue Eyes," a section of Floyd Collins that was not included on the cast album. Richards also sings "How Glory Goes," the one previously-recorded selection on "A Shining Truth," which indicates that he made a fine Floyd.This is an eclectic group, certainly; but a fascinating one. Mr. Richards seems dedicated to giving a hearing to present-day theatre composers. He has done a great favor to those represented on "A Shining Truth"; they not only get a showcase here, their songs are well-chosen, well-performed, and leave us wanting more.

A Shining Truth

This wonderful collection of Songs. Diverse…interesting…not so much an album as a manifesto. I’ve been playing it and playing it and have fallen in love with so many of the songs…the arrangements are beautiful…it casts an extraordinary spell.I love the richness of the mix. Anyone interested in Musical Theatre is going to want to hear it

A Shining Truth

Now that so many old pop tunes are being recycled into new musicals, giving voice to new songs and writers is more important than ever.

In his debut CD, West End performer Nigel Richards uses his rich vocal talent to showcase the previously unrecorded work of such luminaries as Michael John LaChiusa and Adam Guettel from the USA (their shows Hello Again and Floyd Collins had their UK premieres at the late, lamented Bridewell Theatre) and Howard Goodall, Jason Carr and rising talent Conor Mitchell from the UK.

This is a superb collection, which the singer calls ‘a love letter to great and authentic writing’.

A Shining Truth

From the first to the last recorded note this is a truly authentic and triumphantly realised album of songs by some of the excellent contemporary Musical Theatre composers of today, such as Adam Guettel, Michael John LaChiusa, Howard Goodall and others.

These are songs full of genuine theatrical colour and emotion, which are given in this recording a vocal performance of great integrity by the accomplished actor/singer Nigel Richards. This is the best CD of Musical Theatre songs I have heard in a long while. Nigel Richards’ vocal technique is so polished and his ability with text so successful that he is able to express each song fully, giving us a brilliant audio picture of each character he plays.

Indeed, so successful is he that the listener longs to experience the whole musical of whatever song he is singing. This is the true authentic voice of Musical Theatre. The album is finely orchestrated, either by the composers or several different arrangers and the orchestra is conducted by different conductors of the calibre of Mark Warman and David Charles Abell.

This is an album for the genuine lover of Musical Theatre and is a profoundly refreshing and uplifting experience on every level. There is ingenuity and originality in abundance in the compositions as well as a superlative performance from a singer. This recording lives up to its title and is indeed "A Shining Truth"!

Cyclops- The Scoop Amphitheatre, South Bank, London

Nigel Richards as the head satyr sends earthy wafts of charm floating over the seats towards the Thames

The Black Rider- Ahmanson Theatre Los Angeles

Perhaps the most jarring performance of the evening comes from Nigel Richards, who, in several roles, all with his long hair hiding half his face and his mouth open impossibly wide in the frozen grin of an ancient Noh mask, appears to simultaneously be channeling the vocal range of Yma Sumac

The Black Rider Ahmanson Theatre Los Angeles

Luckily the singing is all fantastic, with Nigel Richards, as Georg (the lout with the hair over one eye) really knocking it out of the park.

The Black Rider-ACT Geary Theatre San Francisco

The show doesn’t really peak until the end of the first act, in a sequence where Nigel Richards (dressed all in red by costumer Frida Parmeggiani, with long hair flowing down one side) belts out the tale of a man who gave in to the devil while he intertwines with long, elastic bands, in front of a small backdrop with a painting of a Western canyon, with the stage populated with blue objects suggesting skulls. Don’t try to comprehend — just appreciate.

The Black Rider- Sydney Festival Theatre

Nigel Richards is first among equals in a dazzling ensemble of singer-actors.Richards is as androgenously beautiful, seductive, handsome, beguiling, tragic and humorous as only bthe devil could and should be.

The Black Rider-  Sydney Festival Theatre

British actor Nigel Richards more than fills the shoes of Marianne Faithful who was cast as the Devil but pulled out of this season because of illness. Dressed in blood red coat with tails like a serpents tongue, Richards seduces us with his rich silky voice.

The Black Rider- Sydney Festival Theatre

The actors are, one and all, superb. A particular joy is Nigel Richards.... he is the magnetic centre of The Black Rider, which gets a huge amount of its energy from his sly wit and something-for-evertyone sexual charisma.

The Black Rider- ACT Geary San Francisco

The formidable Nigel Richards executes a tour de force of gravel-voiced song and demonic, rope-constricted dance as one of the devil's earlier clients.

The Black Rider ACT Geary San Francisco

For evening performances, Richards switches hats -- wigs, actually -- to play George Schmid, a spurned lover gone mad. George has long, moplike hair covering half his face and Richards sings the role in falsetto, which he'd never done before.

The result is explosive: Imagine a Molotov cocktail mixed from Bjork, Diamanda Galas, Nina Hagen and Slim Whitman.

The Black Rider- Barbican Theatre London

Nigel Richards' amazing hunting boy, the progeny of Björk and Adolf Hitler, with a little bit of the Human League's Phil Oakley thrown in for good measure

The Black Rider- Barbican Theatre London

Chief among them is Nigel Richards, principally playing Georg Schmid, who is led astray by the devil in persuit of ultimate happiness. His sense of stillness, wonderfully precise movements and sheer dignity, plus the unexpected coherence and brilliance of the wedding scene...

Napoleon- Shaftesbury Theatre 

It's Nigel Richards, thrilling as Napoleon's brother, who rightly steals the singing honours

Floyd Collins- Bridewell Theatre London

Floyd Collins represents a giant leap forward for musical theatre. The...production has knockout performances from Nigel Richards and Craig Purnell

Napoleon- Shaftesbury Theatre

Nigel Richards in superlative, impassioned voice, as Bonaparte's brother Lucien, introduces notes of real pathos

Floyd Collins  ****

It is sung with particular panache by Nigel Richards as Collins

Floyd Collins Bridewell Theatre

Nigel Richards captures both Floyd's burly bravado and his fatal naivety from the tremendously demanding opening number onwards. It's impossible not to share his joy as he discovers the cave he believes will make his fortune. As his powerful, thrilling voice opens out at the top it raises the hair on the back of your neck. "Remarkable... is this remarkable enough?" sing the newspaper men. Yessir, it sure is.

China Song- Plymouth Theatre Royal and National Tour

Nigel Richards, as the mandarin mentor, gives an exuberant all singing, all dancing performance

China Song- Theatre Royal Plymouth

Standing out among the four players were Nigel Richards as the Mandarin and Elizabeth Mansfield....beautifully played

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum- Forum Theatre, Manchester

Nigel Richards invests young innocent, would be lover Hero, with just the right mix of stupidity and boyish charm

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